Tuesday, February 4, 2014

An Open Apology to the State of MN

It is time for me to fess up, MN.

I believe the awfulness of this winter is straight-up my fault. You see, at the start of this winter, when people immediately began bitching about the cold, the snow, the  (fill in the blank about ANYTHING weather related), I made a pretty strong statement that I was not going to bitch about winter.

And I think Mother Nature is literally daring me, pushing me, coaxing me to complain so that she can be victorious. Every cold day closing. Every rush hour snow storm (which I swear to god has been EVERY SINGLE SNOW this season). If it's not freezing cold, it's snowing.

And I am not talking about "20 degree" coldness. I am talking about BELOW 20 degree coldness.

I have really held firm. Trying to be positive. Ok, that may be a little too rosy. Trying to just not be so pissed about the weather, because its MN and it's winter. -10 or 10, I am probably not hanging outside anyway. Cold is cold, right?

But listen, I have to say that I am pretty sure if I open up to the universe and tell it that I am sick of my dry skin. Sick of putting boots on. Hats on. Coats on. Scarves on. Sick of a slushy garage. Of an icy walk into daycare. work. the grocery store. Sick of commutes that last an hour when I am going 6 miles.

Maybe, just maybe, this winter will be over.

To be clear, I am not filing a formal complaint. No, I think that will need to wait until the next snowfall, because the cold just doesn't bother me that much.

So there you have it, MN. Look forward to the next snowfall, because I will most likely lose my shit, and then it will be all over. I will be defeated, Mother Nature will have won.

But Spring will most likely be right around the corner....


Anonymous said...

It's been a brutal one Gert!!! Think Beach Time at Deerfoot in August!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey you have kept the stiff upper lip so to speak. I would like to propose a movement to offically rename Atlanta to WWWwwwaaaalanta!! There is just not enough cheese and crackers for their collective whine.
Uncle Todd