Sunday, January 12, 2014

Like a BandAid

Have you ever thought and thought and thought about something  that you almost felt paralyzed to actually act?

That is how I have felt about reintroducing dairy into my diet.
For the last 11 months, I have not had any true dairy. No cheese. No Yogurt. No Milk. No butter (although that has loosened in bake goods in the past months).

It wasn't because of some crazy fad diet.
It was for my sanity.
Because Matilda struggled as a baby. For all sorts of reasons. And so did I.
So, with about 6 weeks to go in my pregnancy I cut out all dairy (a source for fussiness for many babies these days), and haven't looked back.

But I KNOW that Bea is ready to try it. She is past the age that the stomach issues would really cause fussiness. BUT, it just has NEVER seemed worth it.

We waited for a 3 day weekend. Three of those happened in the last 2 months, and each one was filled with another excuse of why it wasn't the right time.

So apparently Bea just got sick of waiting and took matters into her own hands...

Let me explain. Tonight was a bit of a shit show in our house.
Tillie spiked a fever and literally would not be set down.
Bea, doesn't like when Tillie cries, and will start crying as well.
I had finally gotten Bea side-tracked and was in the kitchen getting dinner ready. Tillie and Nate were in the living room, snuggling and having a slice of cheese.

Or so I thought.
I guess they went into the room, and left the cheese unattended.
And since Bea is a 1st class scavenger, and is cruising around any thing she can pull up on, she was not about to miss out on whatever deliciousness her big sister was munching on.

And so like that--Bea has had dairy. Which I guess means I am having pizza tomorrow (what I have single-handedly missed the most).
And hopefully we won't be up all night with a fussy baby.
Or wake to a baby that has broken out in hives.

Either way, she had a moment of pure cheese bliss as you can see at the end of this video.

Here is to more cheese, ice cream, and lots of yummy yogurt in the future!


Anonymous said...

come on now, get back to those Vernon County roots eh?!!
Uncle Todd

Nancy E. said...

WAY TO GO BEA! Cheese curds are next. It was nice of her to make the decision for you just be careful where you leave the car keys. Love, Mom

H.Maxwell said...

Cheers to cheesy bliss! Now you can get back to being a regularly scheduled Sconny!