Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cooking in 2014

It has been a few years since we chose a legit book to be our 'cookbook of the year.'

It started out when we were first married with the idea that we would cook our way through a new cookbook each year. Writing dates, notes and memories in each book along the way.

We cooked out way through Great Food Fast, Nigella Express, Cookling Light Way to Cook and more. But with the advent of Pinterest, and a whole mess of magazine subscriptions we had taken a break from the traditional cookbook for the easier digital version.

But the break is over! My sister got Nate this amazing cookbook for Christmas, and I think it may just be the single most used item in our house next year. We are both so excited about it because it is very much our style....Introducing the new cookbook of 2014:

Those of you that know us, know that we love to cook and are hoping that that love rubs off on  the kidlets, and helps them become a morsel less picky than I was growing up. (and that gives them a wide path because I.was.the.pickiest.)

Laura's philosophy on food pretty much sums our up word for word so we are so excited to be digging into this cookbook especially since Bea is joining the table food crowd and is pretty much off of purees entirely.

So as to not waste any time, we rang in the New Year with Breakfast Cookies. Super easy to make. Matilda helped (and ate a handful of ground flax, which she regretted, and a handful of coconut, which she didn't).

Click Here for recipe.

The Adult Verdict: They were good. It was a nice break from our typical eggs, or french toast. But they were only good right away. Left-overs not so much.

The Kid Verdict: Matilda loved them. And moreso loved that she got cookies. She couldn't believe it. Kept looking at her plate and saying "My cookies??". It was a breakfast win. :)

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