Monday, January 6, 2014

Polar Vortex By The Numbers

It was bound to happen, since we do live in what seems like the North Pole some days (although in reality it is just Minnesota).

A day SO cold that the Governor mandated schools shut down. Which meant daycares shut down. Which meant the girls were at home. And guess what? It is happening again--tomorrow. Because it is still too damn cold to start a freaking school bus.

Normally, I would be overjoyed at an extra day at home with my snuggle-bugs...but to be honest. We are coming off of winter break...and lots and lots of days in a row with the  monsters snuggle-bugs. So I am kind of ready to re-enter the workforce.

Here is what Day 1 of the Polar Vortex looked like by the numbers in our house:

5-  outfit changes for the kiddos required due to food/pee/water/pee again
1- potty accidents that happened on a place not easy to clean
3-  things Bea put in her mouth that were borderline dangerous
16- videos uploaded by friends throwing boiling water in the air and watching it turn to snow immediately
2- play-dates with the best neighbors ever to maintain sanity
90- minutes that both girls napped at the same time
1- item that we found in our stroller that we did not pay for after returning from Galleria

That's right. The Polar Vortex drove us to go to Galleria just to run the hallways (which was good since they almost all of the stores were closed down already). We popped into the bookstore, and Matilda took it upon herself to just throw a little Hello Kitty Magnetic doll set into the bottom of our stroller.

Said another way...

Our daughter is now officially a klepto and cannot be trusted. And I am pretty sure the Polar Vortex made her do it. Because I am not willing to own this as flawed parenting quite yet.....

In the meantime we are trying to decide what to do. If you see us at Barnes and Noble tomorrow returning the stolen goods, please pretend to not see us and spare me my dignity. Or just stare at this one since she isn't capable of stealing. Yet....


Anonymous said...

Oh Tillie....!!!!! Warm up on the way!!


Anonymous said...

No such thing as bad weather....just bad clothing...
Uncle Todd