Tuesday, July 30, 2013

4 Months

Time continues to fly
Faster than I thought possible.
And this little one, continues to get bigger.

Giving Mama her first giggles right around 15 weeks.
Finding her toes around 16 weeks.

And dominating the 'roll over' by 17 weeks.

All of this activity has meant MUCH less sleep for the family.
Our previously amazing sleeper has been giving us a run for our money. Waking every 2ish hours between 10 and 6.

She tried out the exersaucer for the first time a few days ago.
It suits her perfect (and gives her a little fortress of protection from the eldest).

Bea is grabbing, grasping and putting anything she can right into that little mouth.
We are working at breaking the paci habit.
And have settled into a every 3.5-4 hour feeding schedule.
You finally love your activity mat instead of hating it.
AND, the day after you turned 4 months, you gave us the first car ride home that allowed me to stay in the front seat the whole way. It was glorious.

She isn't starving...
still has her kissy cheeks.
And oh, how I love to kiss them.

And I kiss them as much as possible to make up for the pokes, slaps, and occasional kicks that she has endured from Matilda.

She loves you, Bea. She really does.
She just doesn't love you getting any attention.

Which is why I cherish our moments at home alone.
I can smother you with kisses, snuggles and attention, AND leave you alone on the floor for longer than .3 seconds.

You are working on some new noises.
 And are mastering the "I am annoyed to be in the car seat again" noise.
And the "are you seriously not going to come pick me up right now" noise.
And of course the "I just got slapped in the face by my sister" noise scream.

I can't believe I only have 6 weeks left with you at home.
And I can't believe that most women have already been back to work for 6 weeks.
I am one lucky Mama, for so many reasons.


meghan said...

that 17 week pose looks a lot like clay matthews after a sack - i bet she'll be one tough chickadee!

Anonymous said...

Growing like a weed!
Uncle Todd