Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Translation Tuesday: It's My Turn

With the turning of the birthday year, Matilda has become increasingly independent each day. 
And I know that this is the goal. To have them learn how to get their own shoes on. Drink from a cup by themselves. Get into a stroller on their own.

All great life skills.

Matilda doesn't use the typical: "I do it" language though.

She says: "It's My Turn".

Try to help her with her building block. It's my turn, Mama.
Try to help her carry her bowl to the table. "No! It's my turn."
Try to help her up into the picnic table. "It's. My. Turn."

For whatever reason, I feel like it is less harsh then hearing her say "I do it", almost like in her head she is sharing and taking turns. But that is probably my parental brain helping me cope with the frustration of having her try all this stuff by herself and turning it into pride that she is trying..?!?! 

Who knows. But for now, it's Matilda's turn. 

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Anonymous said...

Hope Till is feeling better!!!!

Pop Pop