Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On Second Thought...

I have to retract a few previous statements I made on a whim after having only one child.

At the culmination of Matilda's first year, I posted my "Skip this: Baby Items you Just don't Need" list. And while I still hold firm on 80% of that list. I have to admit that there are two items on this list, that we have used quite frequently with Beatrice.

1) A Video Monitor.

Oh yes. I was so smug about not needing one of these with Matilda. But then we had Beatrice. And she was in the basement. And I couldn't just hear her in the middle of the night. So we got a video monitor. ANd I have to admit that I LOVE it. I love being able to see if she is crying because she is stuck in the slat of her crib, or if she is crying but still sleeping.

And now that she is rolling, and we are still (gulp) swaddling her...I love being able to see that she is still on her back and hasn't rolled over. I know, I know. We need to get rid of that damn swaddle.

The point is: video monitors get my thumbs up.

2) Stroller cover:

Yes, a blanket works. And that is what I did with Matilda. But since I walk Matilda to and from daycare every day, and that means Bea comes with...in any weather...the cover comes in handy. Especially in the snowy days of May, and the monsoon season of June.

So there it is. I am eating my words on these two items. But I swear a bottle and wipes warmer remain the biggest baby registry sham around.


Anonymous said...

Is the video monitor hard wired or wireless? If wireless it is on a secured network of sorts. Reason I ask is if it not, not only can you see your baby, so can anyone else who pulls up that wireless viedo signal....don't mean to freak you out, but sometimes whizbang neato things come wih potential hidden bad stuff. Think smart, stay safe. When all else fails make a tin foil hat...
Uncle Todd

Schulz Family said...

You're funny!! I'm guessing your list would change again if you had a third child.... Before Ev, I totally stuck my foot in my mouth about how ridiculous a wipe warmer was. Then she cried uncontrollably during diaper changes...until I got the damn wipe warmer. It broke and I said we didn't need one for a summer baby...until Gray also didn't like the cold wipes! Oops.... Not a need, but definitely helpful :)