Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Who Needs a Gardener?

We have determined that we do not need a gardener to keep up our huge garden this year.


All we need to do is fill up the inflatable pool that Aunt Marna sent, invite some of Tillie's friends over, and they do the rest.

This is not child labor. In fact, they invented this genius little game all on their own.

Take empty bubble containers.

Fill them up in the pool.

Or from the giant ball.

And then dump the water on the tomato plants.

And of course after all that work, we allowed some major splashing.

There are few things better in this world than seeing these three girls together. They have so much fun, and we do too. As they get older there is more time for sitting back, actually having adult conversation and a little less policing of the 'sharing.' 


Nancy E. said...

Could I hire them to water my flowers? So adorable. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Now if you can get them picking rocks, then they will have truely connected with the Vernon County roots....not child labor, just more efficient as they are already closer to the ground don't ya know...
Uncle Todd