Monday, August 5, 2013

Good Old Country Fun

Oi. I am so behind. So so behind.
Truth be told, I had this blog all typed up midway through last week, but I couldn't get the darn thing to post so I just left it. And I was trying to get this movie thing created and I couldn't figure it out. So I just left it again.

And then the blog started haunting me in my dreams (in between nursing sessions with #2 and random wake-up crying from #1).

But here is the deal. Two weekends ago we were in Viroqua for Bea's baptism (more on that later--because what's a few more days after being so grossly delayed already), but on this weekend we rolled up our sleeves and enjoyed all of the small town goodness that was going on.

We walked to the fairgrounds for a pancake breakfast fundraiser. Look at this motley crew.

I like to think of this as the modern day Reservoir Dogs shot...


Can't say the pancakes were the best I've ever had, but the company was good and the kids had a ton of fun (imagine a super cute video of the kids dancing right here because that is what I was trying to do).

Then, I happened across a flyer for a "REAL Country Fair" in La Farge (a town even smaller than Viroqua) and also home to the HQ of Organic Valley. So we took the crew up there. And while it rained and was all of 50 some degrees, the kids LOVED this place.

Baby goats? GOATS? Don't mind if they do.

And bunnies that they could hold.
Mind. blown.

Matilda saw Leo and really wanted to hold one too.
Nate and I were confident that this woud go how all of Matilda's animal requests go: loves them in theory, hates them in practice.

But we gave it a whirl.

It's my turn! I love bunnies.

Here I go!

Oh wait...this bunny is going in my lap?

No Mama! NO BUNNY!

In practice, not such a fan of holding the bunny.
But we got some popcorn, cheese, and shook our booties at a little music tent.

And in true REAL country fashion, there was an outdoor bathroom opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

At least the kids didn't get pooped on. I remember a cousin (who shall remain nameless) wanted to hold a baby pig. She held the pig, but the pig did not hold his bowels. I thought it was hilarious as she was always the prim and propper "city" girl from kids.... :)
Uncle Todd