Thursday, July 18, 2013

She Just Wants to Slide

A while back, I posted my adoration for Matilda's new daycare, Kid Zone. And it is a love fest that continues. I love them, and they love Matilda. It's a win win relationship.

Fast forward 7 months, and I am not on the fundraising committee for the facility. Yes, fundraising. Because this place is a non-profit. A non-profit that still commits itself to doing things like 'toddler yoga (i.e. Stretch N Grow), making delicious homemade food every day, etc).

So, we have to have fundraisers to get new things. For example, the current playground leaves a little to be desired. And so I am spearheading the effort to raise money to get this modest playground purchased and installed.

That is where you come in. Help bring a smile to this one's face by bringing a slide to her daycare.

Did I mention that your donation is completely tax deductible?

And will also be enjoyed by this one for almost 4 years as well...

And it is SUPER easy to do it....just follow this link:

$10, $20, $100, any dollars.


Marna said...

You are a fast learner - already a Fantastic Fund Raiser committee person - going right to my heart! Hopefully your pictures will be worth a million bucks:O)

Meghan said...

Randy Ekern - give that little girl a slide! Don't you want her to be happy?? :)

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid we were so poor when I wanted a slide mom said to get a bucket of water and go find a dirt hill.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Have mom cut you a check when you are home...can't wait to see you guys...!!!!


Nancy E. said...

Grandma went "new school" and donated through the link provided! You can still try to get a check out of Pop Pop. Love, Mom