Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thick as Thieves

As my sister says, Leo and Matilda will one day be 'thick as thieves".
They are only 9 months apart and every time we get together, their age difference seems to get smaller.

We were together last weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving early, and while you can certainly tell that they will indeed be partners in crime in the very near future, there is a 'love in you theory, not in practice' mentality right now as sharing, by either one of them is not a priority.

Leo loves Tillie as long as she doesn't touch his 'tee-tee', fishing pole, or food.
Tillie loves Leo as long as he doesn't touch her food (or try to steal back the tee-tee she just stole from him).

But they had some fun moments together.

Leo teaching Tillie how to run the cash register....

Playing Horsie on Nate....

And again on Nick....

Going shopping with Grandma's baskets...

And just playing together with books and 'cash' in hand.

Can't wait for Christmas to see this Dynamic duo in action!!!


Anonymous said...

should be a circus!!!! At least Tillie has her own fishing pole now!!!!


Anonymous said...

It won't be that long and Til will have the boys playing with dolls and coloring in a princess color book. It's all good :) Love Mom