Sunday, November 4, 2012

And Baby Makes 4.....

We are expecting.
We are Pregnant.
We are also Nervous.
In slight denial.
Ok MAJOR denial for me.

When Nate mentioned in June that he really wanted to start trying for a 2nd kid, I wasn't sure he was serious. But he was. And since it took us almost a year to get Matilda, I was game.

About 3 weeks later, I found out I was pregnant.
Hence the denial.
But as the due date creeps closer (March 28th, 2013), 
the nervousness wanes a little bit and the excitement waxes. 
And this week is the big half-way point for the pregnancy and also the week we find out if this little nugget is going to be a boy or a girl.

So that is the news. And I am working, re-working and thinking about a post that tries to capture all of the emotion of adding a second that I was totally unprepared for (like most things in motherhood).

BUT, in the meantime, I thought I would share the favorite moment of this pregnancy so far: telling my family.
Let me set the stage:

We had all just arrived up North for a week long vacation where the cabin is literally a revolving door of who is going fishing, for a boat ride, up to the Corner of Knowledge (i.e. the bar), etc.
So I tell everyone: "Let's get a big family picture before the chaos ensues."

And since we had all just gotten together, they all complied.
Although my Mom tried to get me in the picture, and my sister admitted to thinking I was a little 'johnny on the spot with the picture thing."

Then I told everyone "SAY CHEESE!" and this was the outcome:

One more, but this time I said: "Everyone say Matilda's going to be a BIG SISTER!"
And cue the best photo responses (all within like 10 seconds) one could capture for baby #2's baby books:

The "What did she just say" look...

The "Did we hear that right" look...

The "Grandpa has decided he DID hear right, but Rebecca still isn't sure" look....

Rebecca and Nick are in disbelief look

The full-out excitement look...

And I love the huge grin Nate has on his face the whole time.
The one Finn is emulating even though I am pretty sure he has no idea what is going on.
And how absolutely, Tillie has no clue what bomb has just dropped in her world.

The Hanson Family becomes 4. 


McLean said...

How fun! I love this post and your big news. I did not know you are finding out the sex. I can't wait to hear! Congrats Hanson Family!

H.Maxwell said...

Congrats!!!!! And I love the photos capturing the disbelief- COMPLETELY BLOG WORTHY! :)

Anonymous said...

Grandpa is betting heavy money Clotilda will grace the Hanson Family!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh you are sly and sneaky like your pop. Way to make the announcement. It would appear the name games shall commence...
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

I am wishing for twin about Clotilda and Bernilda?? 1 or 2, I am sticking with girl. Another grandbaby - I can hardly wait. Love, Mom