Saturday, November 10, 2012

Down with Daylights Savings Time

I will spare you my deep-seeded hatred for Daylights Savings time. I have a length rant about why, but it boils down to this:

My kid doesn't care that you switched the clocks.
And this kid has been up at 5:30AM or earlier every day since last Sunday. And I emphasize the earlier, because that has only happened once.

Nate and I lay in bed and offer up promises, prayers and gifts if she just goes back to sleep. But alas. She does not.

And so we get up, meander around like Zombies, and get a lot done before most people consider getting out of their warm and cozy bed.

We paint at 6AM...

Eat paint at 6:15 AM...

Take a long sudsy bath to get the paint off at 6:30 AM

Then we snuggled, read books, at breakfast and were out the door to our first adventure to the MN State Zoo, of which we were among the first to arrive for the 9AM opening.

Tillie loved watching the fish. I cringed to see her kissing the glass and thinking about all of the hands/mouths/god knows what that had preceded her. But this is how we build immunity? Right?? That is why I am telling myself anyway.

On a tip from my friend, Marie, we got the Zoo Membership pass. They open at 9AM (even on Sundays!!) and a big portion of the zoo is indoor. I am guessing we will see more of the zoo in the winter than the summer.

In the meantime, if anyone has any good tips for getting their little monsters (said lovingly of course) to sleep past 5AM, we are open to suggestions....


Anonymous said...

I think Til is scoping out the Crappies when she gets her first Girl Fishing Pole!!!!


Marna said...

Grandma Ilene hated the changing of the clocks. She used to say she would just get used it the time change and it was time to change them again:) Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Marna ya got that right about Ilene and the time change...time change and taxes...uff da!
I say we move the time 30 minutes and screw the rest of the world. We stayed on standard (measurements etc) ((which is real)) and the rest of the world is metric. Just wait til speed is rated in furlongs per fortnights.
Uncle Todd