Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Second Time Around

Up until a week ago (where I was hiding my pregnancy and hadn't yet popped), there were literally days that being pregnant didn't cross my mind, where I would have to remind myself as I was swearing trying to stuff myself in my pants because no, I am not just getting fat...oh yeah! I'm pregnant.

Much different than the first time around. Where every day you think about it, plan for it, cherish it, overanalyze it.

The reality is this:
I have no idea what 'fruit' or 'vegetable' my baby is this week.
I have no idea what is going on with the baby--are it's fingers formed? Does it have eyelids yet?
I have no idea where this baby will sleep, and have thought about it for about 5 different fleeting seconds.
I am more worried about this child screwing up Matilda's sleep than I am labor. (*although Matilda is barely qualifying as sleeping these days---4AM wake-ups all week---shudder...*)

But now that I am "out", I am getting all the typical preggo questions, of which half I haven't actually dwelled on, but I will try now to answer.

How have you been feeling? Great. I cannot complain. I am so incredibly fortunate to have had two very easy pregnancies. Didn't throw up at all this time around. Minor nausea on a few mornings.

Have you been tired? No more tired than any other day. The tiredness from baby #1 hasn't really every wore off yet.

Any weird food cravings? No. Early on I craved salt, but perhaps that is because I was training for and di Hood to Coast about 9 weeks pregnant. Yeah--remember this? I did this pregnant. And my body wanted salt as a reward.

Any food aversions? First pregnancy I couldn't even consider Mexican food for about 12 months. This pregnancy I dont' have anythign that specific, but lord help me--somehow I got on some terrible Pinterest board on avocados where my entire newsfeed is ALL AVOCADO, and it Ugh. Note: normally, i adore avocado.

Are you going to find out the gender? Yes.

Do you have a preference? Umm. Obviously we will love any child. But if we have a boy, I hope he loves wearing girls clothes, because we have a lot of them.

Are you crazy? Ok, no one has asked me this. But I ask myself this almost every day. Verdict is still out (which means yes, I am debating with myself, which I suppose answers this question...)


Anonymous said...

Still betting on Baby H 2 is a girl.....


Anonymous said...

Nice post is good to keep a sense of humor, even when you are going crazy! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Ok I have a question....If a chicken and a half, laid an egg and half, in a day and half, how long would it take a grasshopper to grow a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle?
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

clearly the answer is bicycle because peanut butter don't stick to golf balls.
Uncle Todd

Marna said...

We don't care if you're crazy or not - we (Marna) is just soooooo excited that you're having another baby:) I felt the same way about the sex of baby number 2 (Emily): if it is a boy - that's great because we don't have one / if it is a girl - that's great because I have all the clothes and toys! Enjoy! See you soon! And Todd - that riddle was so easy I guessed it right the first time;) You must be getting old!