Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What's Cooking

Last week started out amazing on the dinner front. We cooked Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. And then Monday night, the ear infection hit which meant no sleep. Which ultimately meant that I went to bed super early Tuesday and was not in the mood to eat anything--I think I had cereal.

And then Wednesday, Nate has class and I think I had cereal again. So it wasn't a culinary week for the ages, but we did get to use up an ingredient that is growing like crazy in our garden: KALE!

Saturday night we made Flank Steak with Salt and Vinegar Kale Potatoes and Grilled Vegetables. The potato recipe was one I had found on Pinterest. I personally love salt and vinegar anything, so the fact that I could add kale to it and pretend it was health was a bonus for me.

We baked our little potatoes in muffin tins as per the recipe instructions, and they turned out great. And of course, I cannot for the life of me remember where I found this recipe...Pinterest? Magazine? Cookbook? Hmmm..If I ever find it I'll post it here.

Sunday night kept the kale love fest going with Garden Veggie Pizza with Kale Pesto and Brie. Click this link to get the recipe: http://bevcooks.com/2012/07/garden-veggie-pizza-with-kale-pesto-and-brie/.

We made the Kale Pesto ahead so it was a super easy, quick meal.

I can't say this would top real pizza with red sauce but it was a super fresh use-up-lots-of-garden-veg option that was most certainly healthier.

We also tried Spaghetti with Garlic Gravy and Lemon Herb Chicken on Monday night which was from Pinterest.

I could give you the recipe for my bowls of cereal for the rest of the week, but my guess is that you don't need that... :)

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Kale drive a race car back in the day??? When did it become food?
Uncle Todd