Saturday, July 21, 2012

13 Months

The weeks are flying by, and we still have yet to invent a time-freezing machine. I can't believe how much it feels like Matilda has turned into a little girl this past month. Turning from a roly poly baby, to a little girl with a huge personality.

So great moments and milestones (and photos) of this past month:

  • Saying "hi" to everyone she sees...just don't ASK her to say it. Also saying Mama and Dada, and is saying bye bye (in her own unique way).

  • Lifting her arm to make an elephant trunk when you ask her "what does an elephant say?"

  • Signing "all done" at the dinner table and IMMEDIATELY pulling off her bib--just in case we didn't catch the hint.

  • Very, very particular about which books you read to her. She will point with excitment, but if you guess which book she wants to read wrong, she quickly shoves it aside. She has also started to drag books across the room and bring them to you lap.

  • Two days in a row of incidents at daycare--falling down the climber, and eye injury due to daycare worker trying to (big surprise) take a book away. She is already such a nerd!

  • Survived the first major bout of fever, croup and throwing up--all while cutting a top tooth.
  • Still obsessed with cats and dogs---and has a very unique meowing noise when she sees one.

  • Doing more cruising on the sofa, chairs and with her little walking toys...but we are keeping our fingers crossed she doesn't get full-blown mobile anytime soon!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how time flies.....see you soon, Love, Mom