Sunday, July 15, 2012

Color Me Rad

This amazing weekend started with a lot of fun with Grandma Nancy (and included a little date night run and dinner  for Nate and I), included a trip to MOA, the pool, and dinner and a game of Killer Bunnies with the Ekern Girls.

The game of Killer Bunnies was really to get us pumped for the Color Run (and our Team name was the Color Bunnies), which we ran this morning.

Essentially it was 20,000 people running 3.1 miles and getting color pumped with color-dyed corn starch along the way. And at the VERY end...a massive color bomb:

It was such a fun race because literally every single person was there to. have. fun. Not to set a PR, or 'win'. Truly--to have fun and basically get turned into a human Crayola. They had great music pumping, volunteers that were having a blast 'coloring' you up, and one of the best run races I have ever been in--(umm....I am pretty sure the Rock N' Roll series could take some tips).

We were all very good and saved our packets to the very end. There were many people who have some premature epacketlation, and colored themselves on the course. I have to say that it would have been really fun to do that because I think those people got the most vivid color, but all in all, we went home looking like a rainbow and that was the goal.

Our team of Lumbering Bunny, Marilyn Bunroe, Bunny O Justice and Sinister Bunny had a great time, and we even had ONE person put the "color bunnies" together with the board game. What can I say...that means 5 people out of 20,000 are as big of dorks as us. 

At least we own it.


Sinister Bunny said...

hands down the BEST race I've run! Even with the heat! Though...we all usually have fun when we run together :)

Anonymous said...

I would have been little bunny Foo Foo...field mice fear me!
Uncle Todd