Thursday, July 19, 2012

Road Rage

I know that Minnesotans like to talk about traffic just about as much as they like to talk about the weather. This, of course, is laughable since compared to much larger and cosmopolitan cities, we have very little traffic.

But it isn't the sheer fact that we have traffic that gets to me. It's that we really shouldn't.  The shit that causes back-ups in this town is ridiculous. From road signs saying 'buckle up' to a simple stalled car. You may as well have had a 5-car pile up for how the rest of the traffic world responds.

Tonight, as I was attempting to get onto Hwy 100 from 394 (quite possibly the most maddening merge in MN), I considered getting out of my car and just letting a vicious scream out. Because it was either that or bashing in someone's windshield. It is such a cluster. I seriously do not know why I continue to take this route.

ARGH. I apologize for the very surface and lame blog post, but on the off-chance the MNDOT is looking at this blog, I wan tto make it known that this girl would like the state to take some tax dollars and figure out the cluster that is Highway 100 between 394 and Excelsior. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, it is certainly not the traffic of Vernon County is it. When we move to these strange and foriegn states (anywhere but Wisconsin) one must expect to "participate" in their odd sometimes bassackwards vehiclular cultural rituals such as going 37 mph side by side on a two lane road posted at 45mph and not letting anyone pass....sigh...
Uncle Todd

KandE said...

YES! 394 to 100 s is the WORST. And it would be one thing if it were ALWAYS bad, but it's not. So you can't effectively predict if it's going to be bad until it's TOO late. You can always take Louisiana, but sometimes that's a cluster too (left turning cars will back it up for blocks). 169 south to excelsior?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can ask MNDOT to in a Norwegian Freeway for all the Minnesotins'. It sure has cleared up the traffic mess between Viroqua and Westby (all 7 miles of it!) Mom