Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Parents Were Awesome

No, I am not sucking up to my parents. And sure they were and are awesome

But I am talking about this Tumblr site:

I love looking at all the old pictures. And I have to say, that now being a parent myself, I do find myself wondering more and more, what were my parents like before they had kids.

Because I think about what Nate and I were like before kids, and how different it seems like we are now. Just think of what it will be like 30 years from now when Matilda is 30. Little will she know that her dad and I used to do secret date nights. That we would always try to have our next vacation planned before we returned from the current one. That we would do spontaneously fun and dorky things. That we used to be social, and get together with friends.

She will probably barely believe it.

Just like I can barely believe that my dad did macrame when he was first married. And my mom and him went downhill skiing as a couple.

But at some point all parents were awesome in their 'pre-parental' lives. Doing stuff that their kids would never imagine. The real secret is figuring out how to keep doing those things once the kids arrive. Or just discovering new things to take up for the sole purpose of embarrassing them in front of their friends, right?

I seem to remember rides to school with my Dad in full hunting face make-up.....


Scorpicon said...

Though I'm with you on all of your points, I've got to disagree that a lot of these parents on the Tumblr site ever seemed "awesome." Unless they mean "awesomely awkward." Either way, it's a neat collection of other people's little moments in time, and that's always neat.

Anonymous said...

I have some stories about your parents...:)
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

I remember one day as a wee lad sitting at the table when I was sure Jesus Christ had just walked into the kitchen and said "hi Todd". Turns out it was just Reid coming back from Florida with white flowing shoulder length hair...yes - shoulder length hair...
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

I want to hear more of those stories too Todd. AND....Happy Birthday Uncle Todd. Nancy

Anonymous said...