Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fresh Food Fast: Episode 2

We are loving our new cookbook so far and have made a few good things from it. With Emily in town for the 'semester' we are really excited to have someone else to cook for (and with). Nate says we are going to give her cooking lessons.

In reality, I think it will be more like 'how to keep your baby entertained while you try to whip something edible together' lessons. Either way it should come in handy.

We tried our hand at Ginger Lime Chicken with Carrot Couscous. Click for recipe!

Here's the deal:
1) We adored the couscous. It will absolutely be a new staple side in our house.
2) Both were ridiculously easy, and tasty.
3) We did breasts instead of thighs, so ours got a little dry. If we do breasts again we would alter the cook time slightly.

Matilda also got to try something new....this is going to be a very tricky one people. But the hint is that she LOVED it (if you can't tell). This was literally the first face she made after trying this new food. HINT: her Mom and Dad both love it and it goes great with a bowl of chips.


Anonymous said...

Toss a carry out to the south would ya? Looks good. Tell Em having issues commenting on their site.
Uncle Todd

Marna said...

viestrMy guess is Guacamole?!?
And, YES Emily could use many cooking lessons:) I wasn't a very good teacher:( That will be my Florida Goal - cook healthy! So, send you easy - healthly recipes my way.