Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dead Arms and Dancing Feet

Matilda has always been highly adept at using her fingers, ESPECIALLY as it relates to putting her fingers in her mouth.

So, naturally one would imagine that this child would dominate getting food into her mouth. Wrong.

In fact, after we strap her into her highchair, she all but forgets she has arms let alone hands with fingers attached that are perfect at picking things up.

If you put some food in front of her, she will do everything she can to get it in her mouth including screaming until you feed her and licking the tray with her mouth EXCEPT attempt to pick the food up with her hands.

Enter--Dead Arms and Dancing Feet.

This isn't the best representation of dead arms because she doesn't attempt to pick up the nectarine with her mouth, but you can see she has no interest in activating her upper limbs to obtain gastro-intestinal delight.

She does however keep her little twinkly toes moving non-stop. This is a common occurrence. Put this child anywhere and watch her feet dance. Just like she skipped rolling over, I think she may skip walking and go straight to dancing. We shall see.

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a buddy of mine who had a cat that if you tied a sock around his middle (not tight - so loose you could easily slide your hand under it) he could not walk. It would appear as if the feeding chair is Tillies kryptonite.
Uncle Todd