Monday, January 30, 2012

7 Months!

Ahhhh, 7 Months.
How I love thee.

Matilda continues to make our hearts bigger and bigger each day.
I'm actually surprised they haven't exploded yet.

She has started clapping.
and you can tell she is just so proud of herself when she does.

She has also started to really show preference.
She will do the reach and face pat for those she is very comfortable.
She will start flapping her arms very excitedly when she sees someone she knows and likes (my favorite part of getting her from daycare).

And she has a willful way of showing me she doesnt' like certain foods (mainly prunes) by turning her head and refusing to turn back my way until there is something else on that spoon.

She is a very happy little baby.
Making lots and lots of noises, and sounds, and babbles.
But definitely prefers her little gremlin noises. Perhaps its because we are always singing to her and it is her way of trying to sing too?

We have enjoyed lots of fun play time now that she is staying up a little longer in between naps.
The work nights still fly by to fast, but I am so blessed to get to pop down and see my little one at work.

Matilda is also trying hard to pick up food for herself. She still suffers from "dead arms and dancing feet" (as explained in a previous post), BUT she has started to attempt to pick up food.

It is pretty freaking cute because she concentrates So. Hard.
And then gets Soooooo frustrated.

There continues to be no concern on the weight gain front. :)
The thighs keep getting juicier.

We had to take Matilda to the doctor last week, so we know her 7 month stats come in at a nice 17 pounds, 10 oz.

Matilda has started getting breakfast at daycare.
It is one of my favorite moments of the day.
After I drop her off, I pack my stuff up and peek in for a few seconds.
I watch her strapped into her high-chair like a big girl, trying to figure out her sippy cup and watching the other kids.

ALWAYS watching other kids. Hopefully these kids are upstanding citizens, because I am pretty sure Matilda will learn all of her 'cool tricks' from them...

7 Months. The best yet....


Anonymous said...

What a great post! I love the close up that showcases the neck rolls!!! Who knew, can't wait to see you all, Love, MOm

Anonymous said...

I'm sure grandma will be spoiling the heck out of Tillie in a few days....great pics..!!!


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