Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's all the Craze

Planking? Owling? Tebowing?
What's next in the crazy internet-photo craze?

Matilda, being the little hipster she is, wanted to get in on the action, and is ready for whatever is up next.
So let me walk you through the very brief, yet pervasive, photo challenge history.

Also called the 'lying down game'. The whole purpose of this game (which is the game that started it all) is to take a picture of yourself in an unusual spot lying face down. Think mimicing a wooden plank. Apparently it actually started in like 1994, but had a resurgence in mid-2011.

Matilda didn't care that she was late to the party.
She got her plank on at the Conservatory right on top of a little ladder.

Next, came Owling.
You know, the art of perching yourself on top of somethign like an owl.

And then, Bat-manning

I think this one speaks for itself....

And finally, the most divisive...

As we all know from the over-publicised Tebow, he likes to get down on one knee and take a moment to thank the big guy upstairs for gracing him with his skills and talents that are allowing his team to make the miraculous play-off run they are...

So the internet decided that this would be a fun photo craze as well.
And it is.

Take a knee, Tillie. Take a knee.

As you can see, we have figured out ways to make our own fun in the Hanson household.
And Matilda is at severe risk of being raised as a hipster.

*Note: I'm not going to name names, but for those less technically savvy people out there, if you click on the words that have the underlines, it will take you to a website to show you other pictures of people owling, planking, etc


Anonymous said...

I didn't know Hipsters had mongo thighs like that!!!!


Meghan said...

The Owling is my favorite - she is such a natural. Get that girl in some skinny jeans - she's a hipster alright!

Anonymous said...

poor Til - she needs to come to Grandma's! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

poor Til - she needs to come to Grandma's! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Way to be hip to be square Tillie, but please please please smack your parentals upside the head for jumping on the overrated teabag - er um I mean tebow thing you know she will be doing the itchy belly thing that one quarterback for green bay does...sshheeesh!
Uncle Todd

Emily said...

LOVE the owling! I hope she isn't becoming a hipster because then, according to Happy Endings, she'll be "OVER IT!" and she's too cute and happy to be a hipster!