Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fresh Food Fast

Nate and I are excited to continue our tradition of rocking out a new cookbook every year. It all started in 2008, our first year of wedded bliss. And we are kind of coming full circle with our book choice.

Year One was Great Food Fast, a Martha Stewart best. Then came Nigella Express, which was probably our least favorite thus far but ironically drives a lot of traffic to the blog off of Google search words. Year 3 was filled with lots of great recipes with Cooking Light's, Way To Cook. And year 4 was Magazine Cuisine, any and all recipes we found and fell in love with from magazines we subscribed too.

So Year 5, we are bringing it back to Martha in her 2nd book, Fresh Flavor Fast. 

We have been rocking the whole meal-planning deal the last month, and decided to use the left-over pork tenderloin that we had grilled (ummm, in January great is that) to do our very first recipe from this book:

Pork Enchildas with Green Sauce.

I don't have a picture, as in the past. Let's keep it real. By the time we get Matilda down, and get dinner ready we aren't up for playing around with trying to plate food, get the camera out and attempt to create some decent light.

BUT, I do have a link the recipe. Check it out here!

It was very good. We made it and stuffed it the night before, but I would recommend waiting to stuff them until you are ready to bake them to avoid the tortilla getting soggy. Also, we didn't use any cheese and it was still delish.

I am thinking this one will get repeated when we get fresh tomatillo's from our crop share. Yum!!

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