Monday, June 13, 2011

Tri Season

Triathlon season officially started this weekend, with Nate's first big race of the season.

I didn't spectate the whole thing as sitting in a car/park bench for 5 hours seemed like not the brightest idea to Nate and I, but surprised Nate at the finish line (huge thanks to Sina for letting me borrow her wheels to get there).

He looked super strong as he crossed the finish line, and beat his personal best by 18 minutes!!

No matter how many races you do, it is still a huge accomplishment, and I think Tri's take the cake. When you are willing to plunge yourself into a cold lake on a cooler day in MN, then get on your bike, and after that decide to throw down a few miles on the pavement, you have some serious motivation within you. Nate has more races planned this year, so hopefully at the next one I will be able to be the supportive wife WITH a baby cheering Nate on.

I am also relieved we got through the tri without having to put our crazy "what if Greta goes into labor while Nate is racing" plan. It was in place, but it would have been a little chaotic. And Nate was even nice enough to still go on my daily labor-inducing walk with me that night. What a guy!


Anonymous said...

Congrats shaving 18 min off Nate. Way to Go! Now the next question is ---are you going to have your
1st fathers day this Sunday (with new baby in your arms) or in 2012? Either way, it will be great.
Good Luck to both of you, Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Way to go Nate!!!!! I'm guessing we will be seeing you shortly!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice job Nate!! Was the back up plan for Greta to shine a large "H" into the sky like batman for the labor signal?
Uncle Todd

Nate Hanson said...

Todd, actually I think she was going to go "Au naturale" and have a water birth in the lake! The mild spring weather means not as much algae in the lake, she and baby H would have been fine!

Anonymous said...

Nate I think that is a very well thought out green plan.
Uncle Todd

Becca said...

DANG NATE! Get some :)
Impressive PR.
Glad you were able to do it without Greta having to head to the hospital solo :)
Great job Nate. Proud of you.