Friday, June 10, 2011

Magazine Cuisine: Episode 12

This week brought record highs to Minneapolis: 103 degrees without humidity! What better way to beat the heat than to enjoy my favorite summer treat, watermelon.

I am the only consumer of watermelon in this household as Nate dramatically tries it once every year, and then dramatically gags and has his moment to remind me how he thinks it is so disgusting.

I came across a recipe for Watermelon Granita in the Whole Living magazine this past month which was relatively easy to make, and gave me another way to enjoy this summery treat.

Think of it as a cross between a popsicle and a snow-cone. It was good, but in general my take on it was that even thought it was easy to make it still probably wasn't worth the effort to make just for me. Maybe for a party or something where more people could enjoy it.

It doesn't matter now as it is 55 degrees and I may as well be baking banana bread as we have literally progressed from spring to summer and are already in fall weather all in the course of 3 days. Here's hoping it doesn't snow tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Have no fear, the nicer weather is coming back. Maybe this means we had our typical July 4th weather on June 7th and 8th :) Have a fun, relaxing weekend. Love, Mom