Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last Chance Weekend

Just like the people on Biggest Loser have "last chance work-outs", Nate and I decided that this weekend would be our 'last chance date' weekend before the baby comes. Although I think we both are hoping that the dates aren't over forever, just in the short-term while we acclamate to a family of three.

So my 38th week of pregnancy started...with the belly getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

After meeting Nate downtown for happy hour on Friday, we headed to Uptown for a quiet dinner and got outfitted with new running shoes so that I can hit the pavement as soon as possible.

We headed to the Minneapolis Farmers Market bright and early on Saturday, and I got some seriously delicious Strawberry Ice that was made with Coconut milk, fresh strawberries, agave nectar and lime. It was heavenly.
And of course Nate had to show-off his camera skills

Once we started actually thinking about what we couldn't do with a brand newborn, we came to the conclusion that both of us running errands efficiently was probably going to be the biggest change. So that is what we did. Costco. Home Depot. Crate and Barrel. Creative Kidstuff. Target. Byerlys. All of them. As quick as possible. It was great. And yes I realize this doesn't sound as much fun as it probably was for us.

And there was napping.

There was also a double-date that included 18 holes of mini-golf and a dinner that Nate has been dying to eat for the past 2 years---5 Guys.

Now, I would like to say the golfing was close--but in reality Ryan schooled us. He gave us lots of useful tips like "never let your ball stop short" and "visualize your ball where you want it to go" you can tell from my score it was very helpful. Although I think I should get a pregnancy handicap :)

And today there were lots of labor inducing activities: eating pineapple, sitting in the heat, household cleaning, spicy foods and walking...none of which are working as of right now.

We did head to the SLP Aquatic Center and relaxed poolside for awhile. It was nice to be under an umbrella, enjoying the weather, dipping my legs into the water--all while looking like a beached whale and being okay with it!

And we ended our weekend with a movie and a delicious dinner. And of course since we treated this like our last 'baby-less' weekend, I am sure we will have about 3 more, which I am trying to mentally prepare for.

Either way, each day that goes by we get a little more prepared, a lot more excited and a little less scared.


Anonymous said...

You kids sound very military, you know, doing more before 9am than the rest of the world does in a couple of days. It must have been a metric weekend as you sure packed a lot into it.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

waiting for the call....!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ditto! It all sounded fun AND productive to me. You may feel like a beached whale but you SURELY do NOT look like one. As organized as U 2 are - fitting a baby into all your activities won't be that hard. Stay cool. Love, Mom

Norbyah said...

hi greta, this is norbyah, emily's friend in hong kong. i've been reading your blog again (after losing your blog address for a while). i'm very happy to hear about your pregnancy and i, too, will be waiting to hear about a little cousin for leo and finn. congratulations! xo

Anonymous said...

You do know the number 1 way to induce labor, right? I think this is a G rated blog so I will not put it on here but call me if you have questions.


Anonymous said...

Oh Marie, In my day it was - drink a 2 oz. bottle of oil and go for a bumpy ride! Have things changed??? My guess is that neither make a big difference. Depends on when that baby is ready. Mom