Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Official: Even MN hates MN

I had the pleasure of driving to WI via the interstate 3 weekends in a row over the last month or so, and every time I make the trek I returned more and more irate.

Not because WI let me down. No way.
But because all 3 times, the evidence that MN driver really do just. suck. continued to pile up.

Literally, you cross the WI/MN border over the St. Croix bridge and its like something magically awful happens where all of the sudden you have slow drivers in the left lane, fast drivers in the right lane, people braking un-necessarily because there is maybe a car 400 yards ahead, and ridiculously epically bad merging.

OH. The. Merging.

A constant source of swear words in my car, and the number one reason (maybe second to the Vikings) that Nate and I just HATE the fact that we have a MN driver's lisence.

Now, MN drivers would say they are just all so 'nice' and that is why they decided to line up 3 miles for a lane that ends instead of using all of the lanes available. And it is their 'niceness' that causes both the merging car, and the car that has the right away to play the game "No, after, after you" for about 60 seconds before the car actually decides to merge.

So I find it absolutely hilarious, that the MNDOT had to release this PSA (and I have confirmation there was a late night infomercial-esque PSA on as well) to basically school drivers in this fine state on the art of merging.

See here:

That's right people. There are MULTIPLE lanes for a reason. So check it. Next time I am in the left lane passing all of your slow asses, it's not because I am rude or feel entitled to get there quicker.

It's because I actually know how to drive, and am actually helping all the dumb-ass people who line up for miles get there quicker--see articles point on the zipper merge creating less traffic delay. So take your big truck that you are using to block people out of the 'extra' lane because it isn't in-fact 'extra'. It's a lane that is meant to be used.

And if you feel too 'nice' to use it that isn't my problem.


KandE said...

BAM! I've been waiting for this post ;)

Anonymous said...

wow...I like the video propaganda spin. Zipper merge showed traffic away from the actual merge point, which is how the traffic is anyway. I suggest merging East Coast style. Maintain max speed (remember the speed limit is only a suggestion) do not use blinker and do not make eye contact...just drift into the lane you want to be in. People get out of your way or trade paint.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to admit it, I think I'm one of those MN drivers... My WI husband informs me of this constantly! Dang...
Katie F.

H.Maxwell said...

Hilarious! I completely agree with you. Minnesotans CANNOT drive. The driving offense that annoys me the most is "the blocker." This driver drives the speed limit or below in the PASSING LANE. People it's called a passing lane for a reason...if people have to use the right lane to pass your slow ass in the left lane recognize the hint and get your slow ass in the right lane. FIRES ME UP EVEN AT 6:59AM!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Don't have merge problems in Vernon County....

Greta said...

E- thanks for sharing the article.
Todd- I couldn't agree with your idea more.
Katie- I still love you anyway.
Heather- your right the blocker IS the worst.
Dad- you might start to have merge problems with that fancy new highway they re putting in.

Scorpicon said...

They're not addressing the real problem, which is what kills the zipper merge: not keeping appropriate space in front of your car to allow others to merge effectively.

If I have to come to a complete stop to wait until I can slowly nudge my way into traffic, then both everyone behind me, and everyone behind the guy letting me in, needs to stop. That makes traffic worse all around.

Please, MN drivers, leave space in front of your car! It reduces collisions and it makes merging a cinch.

Anonymous said...

You could check with your insurance guy but I think that is why God made bumpers on cars...rubbin' in mergin'.
Uncle Todd