Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Newest Toy

No it's not an exer-saucer, or teething toy. This is a full-blown man-toy.

Nate's new racing bike has arrived!

Some of you may remember the very sad moment last year when Nate's previous bike was stolen (jerks...). He has been searching and scouring for his next bike and after a long winter of riding "frankenbike" he could not be more excited (think of how I am when I walk into a candy store and then multiply by 10).

I have to admit it is pretty fancy looking. His first race of the season is a 100-miler in early May, and I am pretty sure he is going to dominate it with a little extra help from his ultra-sleek, light and aero-dynamic bike!

So if you live in Minneapolis, and are cruising around, be on the look-out for a blur of green and white, and also this is a great time for my yearly plea to all people: mind the bikers people, it could be Nate!


emily said...

dave drives a felt, too! beautiful bike, nate!

Anonymous said...

aaahh the term frankenbike. I had to build my first bike from left over parts from the other kids we were so poor. My second bike I built took a 20" schwinn frame, the pedals and gears from a 10 speed (had to re-spoke the rear tire), added motocross handle bars. This was 1980ish...I think I made the first mountain bike...just didn't know it. Then I went to college (the first time) and it got stolen.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the fancy thing. Now you need to get a flashy shirt for that 1st race.
Love, Mom