Sunday, March 6, 2011

30 years

We are back from vacation. (**sigh**)

BUT, before I indulge myself with stories and photos of said vacation, I wanted to take a moment (or post if you will), to wish my incredible husband a very happy 30th birthday.

30 years.  Nate always says, there is nothing special about a birthday just because it ends with a 0. BUT as I look backward at he 30 years he has already lived and the fact that I have been a part of almost 50% of them, I can't help but to feel lucky to not have shared only in those but AMAZINGLY lucky that I get to be a part of the next 30+.

And I feel pretty confident saying that his 30th year will be an unforgettable one.

Maybe it is the vacation afterglow talking (because--spoiler alert---we had an exactly-what-the-doctor-ordered sort of time), but I could not be more excited to celebrate another 70 birthdays with Nate.

So, HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY Nate!! Here's to many many more.


Anonymous said...

I would also like to wish Nate a VERY happy 30th Birthday. Not only is he an amazing husband to you, making a terrific couple - but he is also a great addition to our family. Reid and I always say we are lucky to have 2 wonderful son in-laws.
Good Luck returning to work & will see you in a few days. Can't wait to hear more about your vacation. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Ditto on what mom says!!!! See ya guys on Friday!!!


Rachel Rosen said...

3 words....

Hawaii October YES!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh to be 30 again...Happy birthday Nate.
Uncle Todd

Sina Teskey, RD, LD said...

Very belated on my post but as I read this all I could think of was Tim Mcgraw's Song "My next 30 years." Great tune!