Sunday, March 13, 2011

Best of Both Worlds

This weekend, I had the best of both world: my family in town to help get ready for Baby H, AND one of my best friend's bachelorette party.

One of my all-time favorite things is getting to meet my friends family and hearing stories about them that you haven't heard, watching the similarities, and seeing how much they are loved by so many other people. So the bachelorette party was like a jack-pot for me.

I got to meet Katie's sister, who is incredibly sweet and kind, and who much to my delight shares many of the same mannerisms as Katie. I got to meet her future sister-in-laws and true to the Plonske name they didn't disappoint: full of good stories and good dance moves (although I didn't see anyone high-kick quite as high as Ryan can.).

Not that I had any reason to think otherwise, but after last night, I am 100% certain that Katie's wedding will be one of the best, most fun weddings I have been too and I am counting the days.

Plus, now that I know Baby H can keep this mama rockin until 2:30AM with heels I am ready to go! That's right! Baby H  hit the dance floor last night in full force, complete with the dance face.

I have to admit I had flashes of feeling quite trashy being in a bar and looking quite pregnant. And the crowning point of the night was when we left the first club a guy stopped me, leaned in and said: "Can I be your next Baby Daddy?". Ick. Seriously? Do these lines actually work on people? 

Next up: the transformation of Baby H's nursery thanks to the dynamic duo of Nate and Dad!


emily said...

you look so stinkin' cute, g.
i can't wait to see the nursery!!!

Anonymous said...

that baby daddy guy is lucky your dad doesn't sick Vernon County on him...Fun weekend!! Even though Nate tried to fry me....

Anonymous said...

Did somebody get a "sparky" award?
Uncle Todd

iuli said...

so sad i wasn't able to make it that night!
p.s. love the bump/dress/face! brings back memories (minus the bump) of dance floors in a different city!