Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Download

As the vacation afterglow slowly fades away with (even more) snow, emails, and the moan and drone of daily life, I wistfully think back to how 4 short days ago our routine went something like this:

Go for a Run by beach (or in my case a power walk):

Eat First Breakfast (yes there were multiple)

Read by Pool (while trying to pretend I didn't just look like a beached whale)

Eat Second Breakfast

Snooze by the Pool

Order afternoon non-alcoholic Pina Colada's and Eat Jerk Chicken

Watch sunset from our balcony (yes this was the view from our room...bliss)

School Nate at Ping Pong pre-dinner

Eat Dinner, Watch some Entertainment, Turn it in for 10 hours of sleep.

Wake up and do it all again.

We quickly learned what happens when you strayed off of that routine. For example, we went to the nightly entertainment on Tuesday which was the "Perfect Couples Competition." It was a tough sell since NEITHER of us are competitive, but we decided to throw our names in the hat. I mean, we have been together for nearly 13 years. Of course we can answer questions about each other.

Right? Well, we quickly try to prep each other: "What's your Favorite Color?", "What's your Favorite TV Show..". Etc. The host of this little show takes the women to Guam so that we can't hear the guys. They parade us back out, with the audience laughing and begin to start the game show.

The first question (and this was the most benign of all of the questions): What is your wife's bra size?

Ummmm...excuse me? This is not what I signed up for, nor is this a competition I care to win. In fact, after having sat through the whole wonderful 'show' Nate and I decided it should have been called the "perviest couple."

Anywhoo...the other, much MORE fun thing that Happened on vacation was that I had my very first stranger ask me if I was pregnant. And Nate swears he didn't pay this person off....I was a little concerned about looking too much beached whale not enough preggo in my swimsuit.

So we did a photo challenge.

One of these photos is my real bump. The other is with me puuuuushing it out as much as possible. :)

And because Nate likes to remind me that he, himself, is experiencing his own phantom pregnancy, here is his belly shot:

Yes, it is all fun and games until someone somewhere figures out how to actually have men get pregnant and deliver a child....

So we are back at it in the real world. The vacation was exactly what we needed, and the perfect way to bring in Nate's Birthday. And of course...I am already trying to figure out how to plan our next vacation....


Nate Hanson said...

I want to go to there!

Anonymous said...

Geez Gert, 3 months from now and....walla...Festus is born!!!

Anonymous said...

I looked at this again just to relax me at work. :)
Greta you are the cutest pregnant woman ever.
honestly now....
looks like a very beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

My kindof vacation...lounge by the pool, enjoy the view & who you are with, and RELAX. Yes, you are adorable. See you soon, Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Where was this place? It appears the sun is setting in the West.
Uncle Todd