Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hiking Tahoe

**First a public disclaimer on how over hotels I am. How disgusted by Mexican food I am. How much I do not want to get back on an airplane tomorrow. I normally love travel, but something about traveling to CA twice in one week has done me in. Even though one of those times was for fun. But I'm over it. Ready to be back to my house. my food. my bed. my gym. even my desk at work. did i really just say that?

Alright, so to round out the anniversary vacation I am going to skip over the details of Sutter Creek, because really--doesn't the Branson of the west really just describe it all? --and head straight to our day of hiking in Tahoe. This was a random spur of the moment decision born out of a sever lack of things to do in Sutter Creek.

But it was a gorgeous, breath-takingly beautiful decision.

We hiked for almost 2 hours, and on the waaaaaay up---lots of stopping. I got super tired from the elevation. Nate insisted on hiking sticks, I said he was ridiculous, but in actuality they did help (but don't tell him that.). 

It really was a gorgeous day, and on a triple bonus the first time i was warm in california!! I definitely recommend this as a day trip to anyone in the area.

And as of tomorrow at noon I will be back on Midwest soil and will be happy to not see CA for the next 6 months or so. :)


Anonymous said...

Glad you are back to MN. Travel is fun but it always great to get back home. Have a good week - love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Uncle Todd - Where are you??? We all miss your hilarious comments!
Nancy (aka - Mom)

Anonymous said...

Was off home with a sick dog last week. Happy to report Shadow is back to normal. Working on getting back in the swing of things...:)
Uncle Todd