Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fog City

The anniversary vacation has started!! Nate and I made our way to San Francisco last night to begin the celebration of our 3 year anniversary. We stayed with a college friend last night and they introduced us to an AMAZING Indian restaurant that we promptly stuffed our faces full of their delicious dosa's, chennia chicken, and this strangely tasty yogurt rice.

Someone should have warned us prior to leaving sunny, warm Minneapolis that the sun doesn't shine in San Francisco and it is cold. Fast forward to the part where Nate and I had to go shopping for a few cold weather articles of clothing so that we could fully enjoy ourselves. And enjoy ourselves we have.

We headed to the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market and were in absolute awe. Here we had been running around the last 10 years saying that Madison, WI had the best farmers market in the US. But this place made us eat our words. And those words were delicious.

We happen-stanced across a bike rental place so (since we were freezing our butts off) we decided we would be warmer biking to the Golden Gate bridge than the open air trolley. So we put on some very dorky helmets, and off we went.

We ended our stay in San Francisco by taking some very fun urban pics with a photographer that I'll post once we get them in a few weeks. More to come on the adventures of Sutter Creek--which I like to refer to as the Branson of the West Coast. For now, this traveler needs to get un-packed and RE-packed as I head BACK west to LA tomorrow for work. Good times.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound. I know the 2 of you will always have a good time! Rest up for that next flight. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Did you have any Rice a Roni???
Uncle Todd