Friday, October 15, 2010

Groupon Goof

So by now it is no secret that I am obsessed with all things online deals/collective buying, etc. And Groupon is clearly at the top of this game.

So when I joined my neighbors to cash in on a Groupon before it expired on Friday I was amazed at how stupid the restauarant handled us.

Yes, I get that in the 'fine print' it said: only one groupon per table BUT we were two paying coupons that would have taken up 2 tables.

We went back and forth on whether to get seated and pop it on them at the end or be honest up front and ask about the best way to handle. We chose the up front and honest approach (SPOILER--this is never the best way).

So we get the big fine print schpeil and we say to them: "So we will go to the bar, order our drinks and appetizers that we WOULD OTHERWISE just order at the table and then go sit at our table, and essentially just check out twice--once at the bar and once at the table."

And had the place not been TOTALLY crazy busy (presumably it was filled with all the procrastinators who didn't want their coupon to expire), perhaps then I would would understand the firm rigid adherence to the rules. But it was crazy. And the hostess sucked.

So we did the multiple check-outs. Which meant the boys waited at the bar while the appetizers were cooked and the girls went and got our dinner table. And I felt bad for our server as the boys walked into our booth with 2 appetizers, and 4 drinks because she probably would have like to have that bigger tip. But don't blame us---blame the hostess who apparently just doesn't quite get it.

Of course, this will not curb my impulse purchasing of said deals, especially when friends are involved! Who doesn't love a 50% off date night?

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H.Maxwell said...

Loooooove me some Groupon!