Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun!

No Halloween is complete without loading kids, whether they are related to you or not, full of sugar. And thus, this Halloween was definitely complete.

We were graciously hosted by Emily at her home with her 3 beautiful boys and husband Dave. And I, being proclaimed Auntie Candy by my own family, could not imagine letting Halloween weekend pass without sharing the joy of sugar.

And so sugar was the form of Pixie Sticks...
And in the form of suckers
It was so much fun to be in a house filled with such warmth and love and energy. Yes, with 4 boys under the age of 5 there was definite energy but  look at these faces and tell me how you could not just smile?

  And of course you can't forget about Leo--the ultimate napping companion.

It was a great weekend, which ended in a very dirty race....stay tuned!


Becca said...

You live up to your name! That is for sure. Finn asked for candy after his first morning visit to the toilet today....:) great seeing you this weekend love you

Anonymous said...

It was very fun to see everyone - even if the time was short. Can't help but have a great time when surrounded by great weather, family and friends and FOUR adoreable boys. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Fun trick for kids. Put blue food coloring (a lot) in a batch of cookies. Let them eat a bunch. The next day you can use aftermath in the toilet to your advantage, like if you thought they were lying about something, you could say if you lied then your poop will be blue...busted!
Uncle Todd (evil genius)