Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cooking Light: Episode 19

We have been seriously delinquant in cooking out of our Cooking Light book the last month, but it isn't that we ddint' cook...just got stuck in the old standy-by route.

That all changed the day  I came home with three gigantic pork loins from Costco--seriously, why did I ever doubt this place?---and decided to take a stab at a very non-Greta meal  of Pork Tenderloin with Boiled Cabbage.

Ewww...who eats boiled cabbage. Disgusting. I don't even like sourkraut (and I don't know how to spell it either).

Well...apparently my taste buds have matured people because I LOVED this tasty dish.

I'm not going to lie (and Katie you should stop reading this now if you are), but eating a half a head of cabbage does not make the next day pretty if you catch my drift. But in was deliciously worth it.


Anonymous said...

THAT LOOKS GOOD!!!! Looks like one to give to mom!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a guy thing but gas is like a free toy from God.
Uncle Todd

emily said...

i love uncle todd.

i never ate cabbage until i was married to dave and we went to him parents' house for a st. patty's day feast.

i am with you. i LOVE IT now. and the next day? cleansing...