Monday, April 28, 2014

Bite Sized Bully

We had our first circumstance of peer pressure, 'making fun of', call it what you will today.

Tonight at dinner, Matilda says to us:

"(Insert kids name here) says I'm not a big girl because I don't have a big girl bed. So someday I want a big girl bed."

Simple as that. Kid makes 'fun' of Tillie. Tillie wants something to resolve the joke.

Tonight as we were reflecting on this conversation I say I want to punch this kid in the face for making her feel bad. Nate says he wants to kick him in the nuts.

Obviously, neither of us are doing either of these things. But we need to REALLY start seeking out some legitimate solves because this stuff is only going to get more difficult, and of a more serious nature as these two little ones get older.

Only now, can I truly appreciate how my parents felt as our house was egged night after night, and I would come home crying. Although my Dad's approach of staking out in his truck until he figured out who the culprits were may not necessarily be my conflict-avoiding husbands style. I mean this was barely an incident. Let's be honest, it was a micro-speck of a comment that somehow lodged itself in Matilda's memory. It was nothing. But still. It stung.

So in the meantime, we will continue to milk Matilda's crib (because there isn't any peer pressure in the world going to force me to give THAT up early), and will be practicing our verbal judo in our free time.


Anonymous said...

I am on board with Reids approach. The second time I was in college my psych teacher regaled the story of a kid picking on his kid. He followed the bus until the kid got off. Went to the door. Dad and child answered the door. He took a knee looked him in the eye and asked the child to never again pick on his kid....or else I am coming back and will beat the living shit out of your father. He then left. No more picking.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is time for Skeletor to make a visit...I can assure you he will get the point...Nobody shall mess with my Tillie....

I have spoken.


Nancy E. said...

I am in full support of keeping them in the crib ALAPossible. Now Bea will be a different story. She will be crawling over like a little monkey once she is out of that sleep sack :) Love, Grandma

Emily said...

Oh Hell No.

Leah said...

Oh Greta!! I hear you!! I caught a boy dumping rocks on Evalyn's head at recess while she sat and cried last year at Pre-K! I told my friend I was standing with waiting for school to be done, that I was going to go down to the playground and kick that kids butt. When you figure out what is the best way to handle those bully's please let me know because I'm still in agreement with Nate, kicking in the balls is the best approach.