Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Birthday Bash!

It was a Sweet Shoppe birthday for Beatrice. As my friend Marie warned, "she is going to inform Matilda that Bea got a cupcake for her 1st birthday and she didn't.." So I figured I may as well go big since I will pay for it later. :)

But just to set the record straight, there were a lot of sweets, and Bea only got one tiny little cupcake (more on that later).

The food was certainly not the main event, as it was so fun to have lots of people on hand to help us celebrate.

Grandma put her signature mark on the birthday party with her amazing cut-out cookies that were on-theme, and impeccable decorated. And as an added bonus--also very delicious.

Here is the thing...and I feel a little bad about this...I think Matilda may just have had more fun than Bea. She was over the moon to have her buddies at her house, and they instantly took to playing together.

And what games do 5 2-year old girls play when they get together?
"Go to sleep"

They play go-to-sleep.
Which is funny, because when you actually WANT them to do that it doesn't always happen that easily....

We also spent a fair amount of time trying to prep Matilda that this was BEA's birthday and not hers. She was super excited about presents, until she realized that there were none 'for her'.

We had a minor melt-down, combined with one of the purest sad faces I have ever seen.
Then I explained that that is one of the great things bout sisters. if you are really nice, Bea will want to share everything because she loves playing with YOU.

(which worked...but admittedly turned into Matilda just telling Bea: "you are sharing with me, Bea!")

The big moment of cupcake eating and candle blowing was also excitedly shared...

 ...although Bea made very quick work of getting that whole cupcake down before it got taken away.


Bea also received a super fun ride-on toy from Katie, and it was THE hit. It's the first time that I have seen Bea get seriously angry when she sees Matilda playing with a toy. She follows her around and cries at the base of the car until Matilda relents (or we force her to give Bea a turn).

And of course, since Bea is a total monkey, she can get off and one, and move backwards all by herself.

Even better, Tillie can push her! :)

We've got the emergency room number programmed and ready to dial.....

It was a great party. So much fun to be surrounded by so many of our friends and family to help us celebrate.

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Anonymous said...

The game of go to sleep is pretty good. My brothers used to play the game who can bang their head on the wall the hardest...you go first...followed up with com'on you can do better than that. I never lost that game....well maybe...
Uncle Todd