Thursday, April 17, 2014

Conference Quips

This week was the time for Spring Conferences at the girls' school. It is always so fun to hear snippets about your kids from an 'outside' perspective. The things they do when their parents aren't around, the things that are same or different, and to see if we are picking up on the same things!

From Matilda's:

"she is able to play with many of her friends, with a few "besties" in mind"

She has always been like this...taking a fast and strong liking to certain people. Back even from her infant room days, that feedback has been consistent. In her infant room days, I remember the teachers saying that it isn't typical for kids to have such strong preference/friendship with other kids at the age she was.

"Some of her favorite things include babies, cooking, and science."

Makes sense since we have a baby, cook with her every day. Although the science thing throw me for a loop. Must get that from Nate. :)

"She may approach new things with caution but after she tries it she has no fear"

So so so so so true. Her entire life. Wisconsin Dells Water Park 2014. Enough said.

"Matilda enjoys reading books, and running morning meeting with friends."

I.e. she wants to be the boss of her friends. :) At least that is consistent at home too.

From Bea's:

"We see her enjoyment (of art projects, dress-up and stories) through her smiles, clapping, babbling, dancing, and disappointment when an activity is over."

Also known as she pitches a fit if she doesn't get her way.

"Bea demonstrates her physical skills by moving throughout the room in an exploratory manner."

Reading between the lines "we have to remove items from the room because she is a climbing monkey.

"Has developed positive, secure attachments to certain adults."

said differently....cries when certain teachers aren't there, or certain ones leave. Just like at home with the Mama.


Anonymous said...

Looks like they have the girls pegged right!!!!


Nancy E. said...

It's ALLLllll GOod! They are both adorable, growing, learning and developing their own little personalities. Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Back in the day they sent a "list" home....mine always had a lot of "I"s....stood for needs improvement.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you...each one is their own little person ...that's what makes the world go round would be so boring otherwise...TOF