Thursday, April 24, 2014

Harried House

You know those days where literally nothing seems to go right? That was how it was for our ENTIRE house yesterday. Not just one of us, all of us.

It was a lethal combination.

Nate took off to work on the house to get ready for sale.

He went to work changing out burnt out light bulbs, and blew some fuse that literally BROKE light fixtures. we are trying to get an electrician to come fix lights within 24 hours.

He touched up all of the trim downstairs---only to realize it was the wrong color. he gets to REPAINT again. But more.

He tried to reset our Dishwasher. 3 hours later (literally), it is actually not better. But worse. We have zero clue how to fix it. Short of taking off our counters which we are not doing.

Matilda and Bea were not having it that dinner was not ready at 5:30PM sharp and had total and complete meltdowns.

And I had just...well. I had a day. And I will leave it at that.

I wish we were handier. Or had a handyman in our lives (that didn't live 3 hours away :) ). Because woof. It is going to be a long month......

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Anonymous said...

If a breaker tripped while installing a new light bulb, it might be the fixture itself or the switch controlling the light. Both easy replacements - switch cheap - fixture well depends what you want. You now know which breaker tripped turn it off and swap out the switch (cheapest). Breakers trip by design for safety. Need more info on the dishwasher reset?? I once put in the wrong soap...holy buckets of suds foaming out upon the floor. Had to keep opening the door and spraying down the beloved wife called me a dumbass....sadly I could not argue - just blame the beer...seriously like it was its fault...
Uncle Todd