Monday, June 10, 2013

Two Months

I am grossly overdue on this post. In face we are probably closer to the three month milestone than the 2 month milestone.

But I want to make sure we remember the greatness that was Bea's babydom. Beatrice was quick to grow in the first month and is slowing down a little.
11 pounds 11 ounces
24 inches 

Bea was an early smiler (or at least she smiled earlier than Miss Tillie who mastered her 'why should i smile at you face' before she mastered the smile.)

We were happy to usher out the 8th week as that is when the fussiness declined greatly (although Bea's fussiness was quite mild). We traded our Moby wrap and a walk routine for an earlier bedtime, and even on a few rare nights a family dinner together (with Bea in a lap).

She started to enjoy playing with her Taggies toward the end of the 2nd month!

She likes to feel/play with toys but continues to dislike that darn activity mat. We put her under it and she freaks out. The only way she will be content under it is if she is on her tummy, which then leads to her just resting on her stomach. 

Bea continued to be amenable to Tillies incessant ear rubbing, and head kisses (and the rare eye poke). She started to enjoy the paci a little bit more at go down, which Nate and I were both nervous about given our battle with paci wars with #1.

The laundry keeps multiplying, but so does the fun (well at least most days, ok some days)....

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Bea is developing some thunder like her Big Sister!!!!