Friday, June 21, 2013


Last weekend was a joyous one, as Emily flew into town from Texas for a some good old fashioned Hanson Family fun.

We were so excited to have her, even though her stay was all too brief. Her time in Minneapolis was so much fun. When she left, it felt like a piece of our family was gone. So we were all very anxious to see her again.

Emily had shipped Tillie an early birthday present of a super cute jungle croquet set. Tillie bucked the traditional version of how to play and instead threw the balls up and down the sidewalk and then bossed us around on who she wanted to chase them.....(we are so screwed when she is a teenager)

I think Emily was a little worried that Matilda wouldn't remember her. Can you tell that wasn't really an issue?

We headed off to Tillie's first true parade, which was part of the St. Louis Park Parktacular festivities. Packed a picnic of BLT wraps, pasta salad and some other goodies. Tillie was a fan of the bacon...

....but absolutely NOT a fan of any mascot, or oversized animal costume. She would start shaking she was so scared and we would head to the chair or the parking lot (depending on the severity of the mascot) and distract her until it passed.

Bea wasn't phased by them...

Emily got lots of snuggles since she was the distractor.

And she knew Matilda's sweet spot (horsies) get her back into the parade.

Emily--come back soon. Stay longer. We love having you. You fold into the family so easy and Matilda adores you.  Who else can I talk trashy TV, Candy Crush, and country music with??


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time...minus the mascots and such...
Uncle Todd

Nancy E. said...

Before you know it she will be excited about it all. She needs Finn and Leo to show her the ropes! I am so glad Auntie Em got some quality Til Time! Love, Mom

Emily said...

Awww loved my time with you guys! Glad you got to see my family this weekend. Miss you guys and can't wait to see you!!