Friday, June 28, 2013

Hot Air Balloon Party

I promise this is the last birthday party post, but I want to capture some of the festive touches that helped make this a real hot air balloon party!

My Mom outdid herself once again this year. Last year it was the cake pops that looked like watermelon. THIS year it was adorable hot air balloon and cloud sugar cookies. These cookies are also known as the magic that got about 10 children to sit still for a photo.

The big hot air balloon and clouds that we had on hand for photo ops for the kids were a hit with some of the kids--others not as much.

We had bubbles and balloons for party favors....

And I made mini hot air balloons to line the deck and driveway. This was a brainchild of mine at about 2AM one night, and I had no idea if it would actually work out or not. Not only did it work, but it was really easy!

We just bought a few washer weights at the hardware store, fishing line and mini brown paper bags. We tied the fishing line to the washer, and taped it to the bottom of the brown paper bag.
Then we taped two pieces of string to the inside of each side of the bag, and tied those ends to the balloon.

Easy! Homemade Hot Air Balloon!!

It was a really fun theme to work with! I think Matilda enjoyed it too, because lets be honest...all a two year old needs is a balloon to keep her happy (well until it flies up into the sky).


Marna said...

You are totally in charge of my
60th Birthday party:) And I want the Hot Air Balloon Party;) Thank You (in advance)!!! This all looks awesome!

Nancy E. said...

A new sideline business for you. You can be in charge of my 61st and I don't care what the theme is! It was so fun, Love, Momc

Anonymous said...

Hey if you are going to have balloons skip the helium and fill them with nitrous oxide. You will also need the cat in the hat hat for that wuhbuhdy wuhbuhdy wuhbuhdy sound you will hear...or so I have been told.
Uncle Todd

Emily said...

I think I need to move to Minneapolis if for no other reason than for you and I to concoct ah-mah-zing b-day celebrations for my future children together! This all looked so cute!!