Saturday, June 8, 2013

Life Jinx

Since becoming a parent, I have become increasingly more superstitious about saying anything good, bad or otherwise about my children. Because the second I do, they prove me wrong.

So I only speak in facts.

As in, FACT: Matilda ate a good lunch.

I am quite hesitant to make any broad sweeping statements, like "Matilda is a good eater" because for SURE she will then turn into the worst eater in the entire world.

(*note to the karma gods, I was just using that as an example, and was not making any commentary on my child's broad eating habits).

Well, I think I may have just jinxed my whole parenting life. I didn' t think there was such a thing as a life jinx, but I am in the middle of being proven there is.

Here it is, Wednesday night. I just had the most glorious day of maternity leave. And as Nate and I go to bed, I told him that this may have been the first day of EITHER maternity leave that I 100% truly enjoyed. Loved every minute of it. And that I felt really really happy with how things were going for us. Bea was compliant. Tillie was a doll. I was super productive AND got to relax. Ahhh. Amaze-balls.

Then I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.

Only to be awoken by Milk Goblin #2 way earlier than she normally feeds, who then proceeded to only be able to sleep ON me. Fast forward to the next morning when Gremlin #1 gets sent home from daycare due to a fever, and all of those warm fuzzy feelings from the prior day went flying, no LEAPING, out of the window.

I am pretty sure my declaration of happiness has plagued me with a life jinx of seeing how much craziness one can take on before that happiness disappears (please note that that threshold has been reached for me).

So please send me your suggestions on how to remove a life jinx. Because I want that Wednesday wonderful feeling back....


Anonymous said...

Oh...Tillies smile and excitement in the morning when you go into her room should make you feel great all day...!!!! And just think forward when Bea will be doing the same thing!!!


Anonymous said...

Ya know technically it can always be worse so the threshold really can never be met. No need to perform any life jinx removal ceremony. I do suggest keeping a log of "jinky" momements where later on when the kids are older and can understand you can pull those moments out with impunity and deliver groundings at will, or maybe pushups.
Uncle Todd