Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Translation Tuesday: Sponge Mode

One would think that sponge mode refers to actual cleaning. This would make sense given my last two mornings have started with either Matilda pooping on the floor, or finding her with poop all over her crib (thank you antibiotics).

But, no. That is not sponge mode in the Hanson house.

This is:

That moment where you are doing something new with Matilda (think amusement park rides, concert, really anything she hasn't seen or done before), and you really just aren't sure if she is enjoying it or not. She just sits and soaks up everything like a sponge. Taking in every little thing.

But you know at any second she could break out screaming with terror. Or squealing with delight.

In any new scenario it is like that (could make for an interesting walk down the aisle, huh Emily?).
Last weekend we saw it both ways. We went to a book and music festival. The first thing we went to was a children's variety show (below), and we ended up walking out after 5 minutes because she was literally SHAKING with fear.

But then we went to a concert in a big auditorium with WAY more kids, and she loved it. 

You never know what you are going to get after she soaks it all in and decides if she likes it or not.


Anonymous said...

Hope she exhibits the same cautious behaviour when she takes a liking to boys....!!!!


Nancy E. said...

Classis Til! As the first born she has to figure all these new things out. Bea's sponge mode will be much shorter as she will have Tillie to show her the ropes. Love, Mom