Thursday, May 2, 2013

Do Work!

When we were in Viroqua, my Dad piled all of the 'big' kids into his truck to help him do chores down at the office. It was a super special trip because there were no car seats required for the approximately .9 miles to his office. It gave me a little glimpse into how easy life will be when we are done strapping kids into car seats (which will be approximately 15 years for us with the new laws...)...

These chores were really just a giant ploy to take them out for ice cream, but he did a good job of masking it with necessity for 'rock picking' and 'stick gathering'.

We walked across the street and into my old stomping grounds of Dairy Queen. Ahhh..DQ. My high school gig that helped bring in some cash for college. Now, a place where a twinkle is brought to my daughters eye.

And also produces a death grip like none other. No one, and I mean NO ONE was taking this thing from her.

All of the kids were happy.

I love this picture. It totally captures how impossible it is to get an amazing shot of all three. Finn is striking a super hero pose. Leo had just gotten done licking the giant plastic cone. And Matilda looks like she is trying to suppress a giggle in a very girlie fashion.


Anonymous said...

Wonder how long before they figure out the work thing is just a cover and when they get out of the truck, they will head straightto DQ...?? Quite the little group!!!


Anonymous said...

I like to see the building of a good work ethic. Too many kids these days are SLRKs. (slerks)
spoiled little rich kids that just don't want to work for anything.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

I grew up hearing: "Work never killed anyone" and "If nothing else- you'll know how to work!" We passed it on to our girls and we are now starting to teach the next generation! It was a very fun day! Mom