Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Translation Tuesday: Baby Nap Trap

When Matilda arrived, so did a whole host of lingo used around the Hanson house. And the arrival of Beatrice, has sprouted some new terminology. So at Nate's request, Translation Tuesday has been ressurected for now.

Beatrice is, how do we say, not a fan of her car seat, ESPECIALLY if it is in the actual car. This poses an interesting problem seeing as she is in it twice a day as we walk to daycare, and ideally would be in it longer for a walk or at another point so I can get the heck out of the house.

On the off chance that she falls asleep on said walks, I CURSE our neighborhood as every corner has baby nap traps. Otherwise known as those little bumpy plates that they put in every corner. What are those things called anyway? And why do they even have them? Is it for blind people? Seriously, i don't understand.

Because it seems to me the sole reason they were put on the planet is to make sure my sleeping child doesn't continue to sleep after we cross the freaking street. And so, we walk in the street.

Nate, being a novice at walking Bea (since he actually has to go to work every day), has fallen victim to this a number of times until I made him very aware that the baby nap trap must be avoided in order to have a successful family walk.


Anonymous said...

They are the hippster granola tree huggin new age "rock" to do laundry on when it is raining....goofy granolas....
Uncle Todd

Amy J said...

I'm so glad you are getting to cook...I can tell in your writing how it makes you so happy!! And I love that you're going back to good ole Martha and guess what that is the book you bought me for my wedding shower and I seriously use it almost every week for ideas! A gift that keeps giving...even after 5 years! Chicken CHilaquiles is my ab fab and it reminds me of you guys too since the first time I had it you made it for me (ex-cilantro!).