Wednesday, May 22, 2013


We were back in WI this past weekend to celebrate Syttende Mai. For those of you non-Norwegians out there, Syttende Mai is the Norwegian Independence Day. Think of it like Cinco De Mayo, but instead of Tequila and Tacos, there is lots of Coffee and Lefse.

Us Norwegians know how to party.

Matilda, as it will shock no one, LOVED lefse. And her lefse wrapped sausage.
And her rommegrot. Which is literally made of flour, cream, and butter. I wasn't the one who gave it to her......

We got to see the approximately 9 minute and 15 second kiddie parade. The perfect length for the toddler attention span. We were grateful a few of the kids brought their puppies in the parade since we had told Matilda it was a puppy parade to get her to sit still long enough for the parade to start.

(does that make us terrible parents??)

Beatrice and Grandma got some good snuggles in the beautiful weather.

And Matilda got in touch with her inner-Norske.
The child says "yah" all the time so she has the basics down. :)


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo happy post Syttende Mai to all. I remember dressing up as a nisse and decking out my bike (of course my bikes were put together from left over parts from the older kids because we were too poor to buy me a bike)....and as far as lieing to the kids...I give you the easter bunny, tooth fairy, and great pumpkin.
Uncle Todd...Santa is real...don't go there...I heard the hooves on the roof and when I ran to the barn Dad, Reid and Randy were all there...Reid might have been breathing heavy...

Anonymous said...

It was a fun outing and the weather was perfect. The Norskes know how to combine cream and butter to make LOTs of tasty treats! Love, Mom

KTufford said...

So had we known how "Norwegian" you guys were we would have already given you a copy of "Julia Peterson Tufford's Original Scandinavian Recipes", written by Andrew's grandmother. The Rommegrot recipe is well known 'round these parts.