Thursday, May 16, 2013

90 Minutes

Up until yesterday, I have pretty much been holding Beatrice for all of her naps, and then once she woke up would fly around and triage myself. Bathroom. Water. Food.

It isn't sustainable. And I know that. But gosh darn it, I was going to get through the 6 week fussies with my sanity in tact. Now, that we have accomplished that (although the sanity is probably up for debate), it is time to nap this girl in her bassinet.

We have done the occasional nap in the 'baby taco' but she wakes up after about 30 minutes (hence the holding). Why settle for a 30 minute nap when you can have 2.5 hours, even if it means submitting your body to a chair for that amount of time and potentially losing a limb from severe blood loss?

So it was with bated breath that I set Bea down yesterday. Swaddle. White Noise. Paci.

NINETY MINUTES later she woke up. WHAT?!?! Insane. Blew my mind.

I learned two things yesterday:
1) Bea did a pretty darn good job napping.
2) You can get a PILE of stuff done in 90 minutes.

Don't believe me? Here is what I got done, and on my girl scout honor I am not embellishing this:

- wrote 3 thank you notes (although I still need to address them)
- Finished Bea's birth announcements and purchased
- 2 loads of laundry
- Ate lunch
- Cleaned a cantelope
- Got dinner prepped
- Called the insurance company
- Called Park Nicollet to get insurance resubmitted (personally, this is the biggest accomplishment)
- Called doctor
- Updated Bea's baby book
- Organized my recipe binder
- Finished editing pictures for our 2012 Family yearbook

All of that. I got all of that done in 90 minutes. My mind is swimming with possiblities of what I can do with my time if the child continues to sleep in the bassinet, which she will most likely not ever do again now that I have told the world.

But sure as I am blogging now....with two hands....the babe is napping. Not in my arms.


Marna said...

If Bea were at my house, I would hold her 24/7. I would send my two little dogs to the kennel, send Randy out for food and wear depends:) Not sure how I would read to Matilda at the same time - but I would! I need to MOVE closer to everyone!

Anonymous said...

I was a cub scout but kicked out for streaking...and dad sneaking home during the father son camp outing in Timber Coulee. I think I still have honor...
Uncle Todd